A denture is a removable dental appliance used for replacing missing teeth. They can be complete for people who are missing all of their teeth, or they can be partial for people who are missing just some of their teeth.

Dentures have the following benefits:

  • Replace complete loss of all teeth in an arch.
  • Replace partial loss of teeth in an arch.
  • Enhance smile and facial tissues.
  • Improve chewing, speech and digestion.

There are three types of dentures that we can make:

1. Immediate Dentures– these are placed the same day that your teeth are extracted. These type of dentures will require a re-alignment of them about 6-12 months after the initial placement of them and after the gums have healed.

2. Non-immediate Dentures– These are placed after the teeth have been extracted and the gums have healed. These are usually placed about 3 months after the extraction of the teeth.

3. Implant-retained Dentures– After teeth have been removed and the bone has healed, implants are placed in different areas of the jaw. And after a 3-6 months period of time, impressions are taken and a denture is made to snap into place on top of the implants. This type of denture is much more stable and will allow a patient to have optimal eating and talking capabilities. 

Make an appointment with Dr. Curtis, Dr. Marchuk, or Dr. Olson to find out which type of denture is right for you!