Implant Retained Dentures

Replacing missing teeth with implant retained dentures

Sometimes patients don’t have enough bone left where their teeth were to hold a denture in comfortably while talking or eating. If this is the case, using implants to hold your dentures in place might be the solution. 

Implant retained dentures will attach to implants that are placed into your jaw. This allows your denture to snap into place and be stable as you talk and eat. Consult with Drs. Curtis, Marchuk, or Olson to see if you are a candidate for implant retained dentures!

IRD before


IRD placed

Implants placed

IRD attached

Denture attached to implants

Implant benefits

  • Improved confidence
  • Stability during eating
  • Bone and gum preservation
  • Improved dental hygiene
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Nutritional benefits